The Path


In modern-day America, August 2063, life is simple. There is no poverty, no violent crime, no wars, and humanity has renewed purpose. With the guidance of artificially intelligent personal assistants and the infinite pleasures of virtual social worlds, most are happy with the new national order ushered in by The Path. People do as they are advised without question and seldom diverge from their personalized Life Tracks. The Path’s praise propaganda echoes from sea to sea, and the nation is in harmony.

Felicity abounds, however to a small protesting segment, life is far from perfect. While people move about the country carelessly, all activity is closely monitored and maintained by the Federal Department of Efficiency and Compliance. Adherence to the FDEC’s regulations and The Path’s direction is mandatory. For the vast majority, absolute allegiance, prevents deviation. For the few willing deviants, strict reeducation penalties, and harsh social stigma, follow their actions. Some even strangely disappear without explanation.

Enigmatic high-school senior, Jolem McKay is among the cynics. Most of his young life, he’s felt like an outsider, a transplant from a life experience long before his time. He struggles to find comfort in a structure, intolerant of unique thought, ways, and actions. Against the many warnings of family, friends, and administrators, his skepticism and defiance grow until a suspicious event, captivates him. Now imprisoned to an idea, he­­­ finds himself leading down the trails of a sinister government conspiracy he’s unable to ignore, nor escape. Jolem has always challenged the limits of The Path, but as its walls tighten around him, he fears he’s finally gone too far.

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Paperback, Ebook


Barry Richards




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